Nicki Minaj Seemingly Tells Queen Ifrica and Marion Hall about Their Mothers – Watch Video

The simmering drama about Nicki Minaj gifting TikTokers became scorching hot when the Queen of Rap decided to address her naysayers. Two of the critics who have lashed out against Nicki with indications that Nicki’s gifts might come with evil intentions are Minister Marion Hall, who labelled the rapper a “devil,” and reggae singer Queen Ifrica, who dragged Nicki for going against the country’s culture by supporting homosexuals in Jamaica.

Although Nicki Minaj’s message was delivered without names, she made it clear that she was not only addressing ordinary people who had something negative to say. The Massive Attack rapper seemingly went at the two Jamaican musical giants, telling them to s*ck their mothers, but not in so many words.

Nicki Minaj


During one of Shebada’s TikTok live streams, Nicki hopped on, expressing her admiration for the actor, and then dived into her message, saying, “What I wanna tell everybody that has something to say when I get on TikTok, having fun, minding my motherf**king business, is go su…”

Her words were interrupted by her laughter, but she later continued by explaining that while she tried to be respectful to those who have earned a certain level of respect, she is not someone people should play with. She warned the naysayers to watch themselves and added, “Because it’s a mek joke and thing, people, a lot of times, think they can play, and it’s never the f*cking time to play.”

Nicki also indicated that she did not find the demonic comments about her wanting to sacrifice people amusing and continued, “What the f*ck do I need to sacrifice? Go s*ck yuh bombocl**t.”

Watch the video of Nicki and Shebada below:


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