Queen Ifrica Agrees with Minister Hall Persuading Brittany Goffe to Return Gifts to Nicki Minaj and Explains Why

Following Minister Marion Hall’s stern warning to Brittany Goffe to beware of accepting gifts from the “devil”, after rapper Nicki Minaj sent the social media personality gifts on TikTok, Queen Ifrica has voiced similar sentiments. In a live stream speaking on Nicki sending Brittany gifts, the reggae singer insinuated that there might be ulterior motives that could have damaging ripple effects on Jamaica’s youth.

After Hall’s statements, Brittany sent back Nicki gifts on TikTok, which led some to believe that she was taking the minister’s advice. Nicki went on to unfollow Brittanny, leading to rumours of a fallout. But Ifrica is now advising Nicki to get to know the real Brittany, as she did not believe her return of the gifts was something negative.


Ifrica shared that after learning about Brittany’s past, she was moved to find her and realised that she was a genuine person upon meeting her. The artiste said she offered to assist Brittany in going back to school, but the rising social media star had expressed her desire to better herself without receiving handouts. In Ifrica’s point of view, her returning the gifts to Nicki was a similar situation.

Ifrica expressed that she had developed some level of respect for Nicki after she refused to take the coronavirus vaccine. However, she had now taken issue with her gifting certain individuals on TikTok. The Times Like These singer advised Nicki to choose more wisely who she was choosing to highlight using her platform. She called out the rapper for gifting a Jamaican male, TikToker “Derrick”, who she said had dressed like a transgender person and described him as a “creature” and a lewd individual. 

Ifrica implied that Nicki’s recent gifts were all a part of her album promotion and instructed her to make sure the man she had gifted was not a paedophile. The singer warned that Nicki’s actions could have negative consequences.


“…Unu a empower dem and a turn dem into influencers fi wi likkle bwoi dem a see dem and a see seh if Nicki Minaj a gift dem, maybe a suh dem need fi look and a suh dem need fi act fi get attention,” Ifrica stated.

The artiste further criticised the Barbie World rapper for corrupting the youths in Jamaica and said Minister Hall was right to instruct Brittany to give back her gifts.

Watch the video below.



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