Mark Golding Called “baddest three card man” Following His Attempt to Explain His Citizenship

Saturday, May 18, 2024, 6:59 PM

A day after being called out by Mr. Vegas regarding dual Citizenship, the leader of the opposition, Mark Golding replied on Saturday to questions about his citizenship with a lengthy statement that started off with the People’s National Party(PNP) leader saying, “I am a born Jamaican and have a Jamaican passport.”

Following recent developments, Mr. Vegas earlier asked, “Now Mark Golding is saying that he is for dual citizenship. Is this the same Mark Golding, PNP party, that was against dual citizenship to the point where they took the JLP members who won their seats to court so they have to renounce their citizenship to serve the Jamaican people?” 


On May 18, Golding shared the following statement online, “I am a born Jamaican and have a Jamaican passport. I’ve never hidden the fact that my father, who came to Jamaica from the UK, had got me a British passport when I was a young child. From before first serving in government, I travel on my Jamaican passport when I go abroad. Like other Jamaicans, I apply for visas from countries such as the US and UK to go there.”

He continued saying, “I man born yah, but the local government elections and recent polls seem to be driving some to grasp at straws. Now, back to the issue of constitutional reform. Jamaica is in the Commonwealth, and our current constitution requires Commonwealth citizenship (and at least one year’s residence in Jamaica) in order to be eligible to be a parliamentarian.”

He concluded his statement with the words, “Over the years, parliamentary candidates with Commonwealth passports have therefore legitimately participated in general elections to become MP’s and sat in the Senate. On the other hand, the current constitution prohibits non-Commonwealth citizens (who have pledged foreign allegiance) from being parliamentarians. The constitutional reform process should reconsider the current rule, and make it accord with the realities of the Jamaican experience.”

See his tweet below:

His tweet has so far received many reactions, including from Mr. Vegas who labelled Golding, “the baddest three card man, EVER!”

See more of the reactions below:

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