Married Jamaican Pastor Breaks Older Woman’s Heart in Mexico

Saturday, August 14, 2021, 12:57 PM GMT-5

Three months ago a pastor who is based in Portland left his wife in Jamaica and went off to Cancun, Mexico, where he met with a woman who he had no interest in, but he accepted hundreds of thousands of Jamaican dollars from her.

The 40-year-old minister of religion got engaged to the woman, who has a PhD and a lot of money. This caused her to buy her own ring so he could propose to her. Now she is very upset after she spent approximately Ja $1.5 million on his airfare, accommodation, and more but then found out that he didn’t want her.

The 57-year-old woman was divorced twice before and the pastor told her that he was also divorced. When this wasn’t completely true, because he had remarried after he was divorced once before.

She had sent him Ja$53,000 to pay for his divorce and she later found out that he was still married. She is now very angry because she thought he was a man of God and she thought she could trust him completely.

The pastor explained, that he is a Jamaican and he takes what is offered to him, and that is why he took her money.

The woman now wants back all the money she spent on the scammer who is not prepared to give her not even a dollar. He says she offered him everything, she even sent him her credit card and he didn’t use it.

Now the woman is saying he must be gay because they didn’t have sex and she caught him masturbating in the bathroom. 

However, he knew she wanted sex, but he could not do it and he told her. He also explained that he knew he was just playing along so he could get the cash.

He is also saying he is only 40 and she is too old for him, but he accepted eventually that he did something wrong and he will be seeking forgiveness from God.

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