Maxi Priest Weighs In On Jahshii’s Comments about VETERAN JAMAICAN ARTISTES

Amidst the ongoing saga reeling from Jahshii’s comments made on Entertainment Report last week whereby he outlined that young dancehall artistes do not get much strength from veteran Jamaican artistes notable Shabba Ranks, Maxi Priest is saying otherwise. According to Maxi Priest, success after collaborating with an established artiste is not a must, instead, it really depends on the song and the audience.

See his comments below.


The veteran reggae singer did not stop there as he went on to explain that, “As someone who has done a lot of collaborations with various people, (superstars and new artists) you have to first like the song itself, and then you gotta ask yourself, “do I like the other artists’ energy, voice, etc?” You gotta go with your gut feeling, heart and soul and you also have to think about the marketing. You have to know what the new artist wants, and if their expectations can be met, etc”.

“For some newer artists, not really knowing the business can also be an issue.  Who’s backing the project?, what’s the plan for marketing?, etc, these are questions that need to be answered.  There are so many pieces to the music business besides the song. Especially when someone has to finance the project. Some people can come into it with the idea that once you do a song (especially when it is with a well known artist) that it’s a given hit and it will happen. That’s not accurate. The artist can be great, but it’s still up to the people and the work & marketing that has been done around it. As I mentioned before, if you are going to have a career or just a tune”.

He continued, “There’s no guarantee in anything. You pray and ask God for a way, you commit, you work hard, focus, and still the first time it doesn’t happen. As I said, there are no guarantees. Even by the sweat of your brow, it doesn’t come overnight. It truly is a Wild World. But I believe if you bring a good vibe to a situation and you work hard enough, you will create opportunities”.

Maxi Priest concluded that “For success in the music business; first there’s gotta be a special love a spiritual connection, hard work and dedication. Humbleness, humility, appreciation. LOVE! Spread some love, it comes b.”

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