Shabba’s Road Manager “Zanadu” Forced To Apologize For Comments About Jahshii

Saturday, December 18, 2021, 12:40 PM

Charles “Zanadu” Ennis has issued a public apology to the public as well as to Shabba Ranks, and Jahshii for the blunt comments he recently made about what was said by the young artiste in his recent Entertainment Report with Anthony Miller.

In the apology, Ennis declared his name and made it clear that in his verbal stance taken into consideration of the matter that even riled Bounty Killer up who demanded an apology, that he was operating in the capacity of an artiste and not as a road manager for the Grammy winner entertainer.


In going further into his apology, Ennis stated that any comments concerning Jahshii, are not a representation of the opinions of Shabba Ranks or his label Emperor Ranks Entertainment (ERE).

As such in an honest feat, Ennis explained in his apology that he did not consult the recording label, or Shabba before his comments were made and as such he wants to ensure that no negative impacts are felt by the veteran artiste and his label which might have a dampening effect on his character and brand as he is highly regarded by his musical peers and fans.

As such “Zanadu” concluded his apology, by explaining to Jahshii and Shabba Ranks that he did not mean for any misrepresentation to have occurred based on the comments made by him.

In the Entertainment Report interview, the young Dancehall act was very energetic in his discourse about veterans such as Shabba who do not stretch a helping hand to young artistes, stating that they were fearful. It was those comments that drove Ennis to make public statements telling Jahshii to try to reach the level where the veteran is, as well as letting it known that Jamaica is filled with hypocrites.

“Zanadu” also went on to make a comment referring to who some are assuming to be Jahshii, as a “piece of shit on a shirttail”.

The words by Ennis did not go unheard though, as it was Bounty Killer who the young Dancehall star shouted out to, that defended him by an Instagram post where he urged for Shabba’s associate to apologize to the entertainer as well as the Jamaican public.

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