Shabba Ranks Road Manager Disses Jahshii Direct

Tuesday, December 14, 2021, 2:00 PM GMT-5

The recent interview with young Dancehall enigma Jahshii has sparked wildfire on the music scene with many people hailing the young artist’s talk with Anthony Miller as one of the best they have ever seen in a while, and some fearing for his future due to the things he spoke about In the Entertainment Report show.

One thing that occurred, however, from the interview that raised eyebrows as to the young artist’s bravery was when he called out Shabba Ranks and other veteran entertainers for not working with young acts.


Jahshii’s words did not take long to get around as in no time the road manager for Ranks, Charles ‘Zanadu’ Ennis heard what was going on and made direct comments towards the young spectacle, which Dancehall Mag happened to have captured.

In the article, the popular entertainment website said the road manager explained to them that he had just recently spoken to Shabba, and he does not follow up things of that nature, with him further bashing the country for the hypocritical behaviour that takes place here.

‘Zanadu’ went on his criticism of what was said by Jahshii by stating that no one knows him and that he is not on Shabba’s level, so he should make some songs and aspire to reach the stage where the Grammy awarded artiste is.

The road manager for the legendary Dancehall artiste went on to jeer Jahshii, by letting Dancehall Mag know that they should tell him to make a song that will sell 500,000 copies.

Zanadu went on to launch one final blow at the young entertainer by explaining that Shabba Ranks does not see them and still they talk about him, further describing who he referred to as “them” as a “piece of shit hanging on a shirttail”.

Jahshii’s rise in 2021 has been monumental with him blowing up in the streets with songs such as “Cream of the crop” that features Navaz, “25/8” and signing to Herah Music. The entertainer whose real name is Mluleki Tafari Clarke has been doing music since being a child, even having his first single entitled “A Me Name Jahshii” released in 2004 at the age of 4 years old.

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