Mayhem in St. Catherine, 4 Dead, 3 males and 1 female

Monday, December 14, 2020, 12:59 PM GMT-5

According to residents of the Planters Hall, St. Catherine area, at approximately 1:30 a.m this morning, they initially heard fellow residents pleading for their lives followed by gun-shots and then sobbing.

Some witnesses say that there were about six armed men.

Omar Wright

The gun-men first went to the house that Omar lived with his teenage girlfriend (Nordia) and his cousin Lester Harvey, signs of blood prints and broken doors told the tale of a deadly operation. The gunmen kicked off the door and killed all three occupants, after which they went to the neighboring home of Richard Wright (Omar’s brother) and killed him in a similar fashion.

Clifford Blake (Deputy Commissioner) was at the scene in the bloody aftermath. According to the deputy commissioner, Omar Wright, the younger brother, had committed a crime and has been reporting daily as terms of his bail stipulates.

Omar’s girlfriend, believed to be from the Clarendon area, was complaining some days leading up to the bloody ordeal, saying that the area was growing a bit too tense for her and she wanted to leave.

Several residents say that the act is related to the guns for drugs trade between Jamaica and Haiti. The police stated that they will be present in the area for some hours and will be keeping close tabs on happenings in and around the area in an effort to catch the parties involved.

The Deputy Commissioner stated that we need better parenting in Jamaica, he also lamented that persons who get caught with illegal guns should be given much more stringent punishments.

Check out the TVJ News report below.

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