Melinda Gates And Family Rents Remote Island To Avoid Media

Days ago, the announcement was made between Melinda Gates and Microsoft Ceo Bill Gates, about them getting a divorce and so far it does not look like the breakup was a friendly one.

It is being reported that the divorce has been in the making for a few months now as according to TMZ who brought the news, the idea of the couple parting ways was already in the air for some time, and there were plans for them to announce since March.

At this point, however, the procedure is very legitimate, to the extent where Melinda and her loved ones including her children, have decided to rent a private Island for themselves to avoid the media once the announcement was made.

Everyone in the family, except Bill Gates was invited to the Calivigny Island in Grenada where they are said to be paying $132,000 a night.

According to TMZ Bill was not invited because the family is angry at him, for the things he did.

As for Bill, he has taken steps towards a financial settlement with Melinda, by transferring Billions of dollars worth of shares to her.


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