Minibus Crash Caught on Camera in Hanover – Watch Video

A minibus crash caught on camera in Hanover has stirred a difference of opinion among viewers regarding who was to blame.

The incident reportedly took place at approximately 1:58 p.m. on Monday at Grand Palladium in Lucea.

In the footage, a minibus can be seen passing slowly along the road when it is suddenly rear-ended with great force by another minibus, causing it to spin.


The second bus then proceeded with its speed and drove away.

It is not yet clear if the accident resulted in any injuries to the passengers on the buses.

Some viewers pointed out that the first driver slowed down as he was seemingly indecisive as to which direction he would turn, while others have placed sole blame on the second driver for speeding.

Some viewers reasoned that both were at fault.

Watch the video below.


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