“Money Pull-Up Is The Worst Thing In Dancehall”

Wednesday, May 4, 2022, 7:05 PM

Popular entertainment industry personality Trippple X recently appeared on The Fix and shared some very controversial thoughts on the topic of “Money Pull-UP” being the worst thing in Dancehall.

To start off his comments ‘X’ noted that he does not refer to himself as a selector due to what persons in the profession have metamorphosed into. He went on by noting that most of the people taking on the job of selecting at this time are lazy since they think that it is the ones who get the most “Money Pull-Ups” are the best which Trippple X noted to be false.


In addition to his point that was made about some selectors thinking, they are the best based on the amount of “Money Pull-UP” they get, Trippple X who is well known in the dancehall music industry made it clear that the behaviour also extended to the artistes because of the ability to pay to get their songs played again gives them a sense of being the biggest thing in the music when that might not be the reality.

In recent times, one of the catalysts to “Money Pull-Up” becoming such a prominent thing was due to the selectors not getting booked enough due to the Covid-19 pandemic which caused the entertainment industry to be locked down by the Government. As such ‘X’ noted that most of the established selectors left the island to go overseas for opportunities which left a void to be filled.

For that empty void, Trippple X noted that everyone who had access to a Laptop had the ability to now become a selector since most parties in the pandemic period did not have access to professionals to play their music. This according to the popular selector/entertainer, caused those persons playing the music to realize that if they play certain songs they could have patrons throwing out money which he now disagrees with since the act is bringing persons without talent in the profession.

Watch Trippple X’s rant about “Money Pull-Up” below on The Fix.

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