More Jamaican Mongrels to Voyage Overseas

Following the highly publicised mass migration of homeless Jamaican Royal Caribbean Terriers (also known as mongrels), the Montego Bay Animal Haven has reported weekly send-offs of at least three or four of the needy canines overseas.

In 2021, Tammy Browne, director of the Montego Bay Animal Haven, arranged the adoption of 144 local dogs in need of permanent homes. After they were flown to Canada and housed at temporary foster homes, all the dogs were adopted. Close to 500 Jamaican rescue dogs and cats have been adopted in North America and Europe since 2021.

According to Browne, the animals have also been adopted by visitors to the island, who develop a bond with the creatures during their stay. Noting the positive attributes of the Royal Caribbean Terriers that are often looked down on in Jamaica, Browne shared that the dogs’ resilience to health issues experienced by pedigree dogs is a major plus to international adoptees.

Browne told the Jamaica Star that the Animal Haven is currently arranging the weekly migration of at least three or four dogs, and sometimes cats, to Canada, the United States, and parts of Europe. Though the Haven would love to relocate more of the animals overseas, the foreign shelters do not have enough space to house them as a result of COVID-era adoptees returning pets.

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In regards to the original 144 dogs that made their voyage two years ago, Browne said they are doing well in their new homes, except Princess Pauline, who passed away from a tumour on her spleen. Browne disclosed that they are arranging the adoption of a new dog by the Canadian family who had taken in Pauline.

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