Shani Tries to Explain Why She Called The Dog Crissy, “A so di dog name” – Watch Videos

CMR’s ex-lover Shani finds herself at the centre of another drama, as viewers are calling her out for trying to start more problems with Crissy Carter. Following a new live stream of her addressing a dog as “Crissy,” Shani’s behaviour has been labelled as rude and “disrespectful” by vlogger Pretti Don, who confronted her.

Shani attempted to defend herself on Pretti Don’s live stream and denied the allegations that were levelled against her about being a troublemaker. She persisted with the explanation that the dog did not belong to her and that the owners were the ones who named the canine Crissy.

“A so di people dem dog name… why mi ago lie tho?” She asked, adding, “Mi will never disrespect that lady because mi don’t know har.”

Pretti Don continued to call Shani a liar, saying, “Di woman a avoid yuh and nah trouble yuh and yah do dat!”

“It’s not my dog, and mi neva do it intentionally, a so di dog name…and mi neva did a trouble nuh body,” she continued. Shani explained that she had no reason to be disrespectful towards Crissy since Crissy never disrespected her.

Watch the videos of Shani and Pretti Don below:

Later, Shani went on a live stream of her own, addressing her haters by saying that CMR apparently had her on his mind and claimed that CMR would have continued to cheat with her if she had not revealed everything.

“It clear seh di man still a think bout mi and a it a badda unuh, it a hurt unuh… In front a him wife di man a sing di song because mi stuck inna di man head,” she said.

Watch the videos of Shani below:

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