Mother Dies After She Broke Up Fight on Mother’s day

Wednesday, May 13, 2020, 2:20 PM GMT-5

What should be celebrated as another typical Mother’s Day for a 62-year-old mother and her family on Sunday became a bizarre series of events.
Mother’s Day was turned into a day of mourning as the woman’s untimely death and the family gave statements to the police about the crisis.

In Seville Heights, St Ann, it was reported that the woman died at the St Ann’s Bay Regional Hospital on Friday when she was being readmitted after visiting before to treat a wound that she had accidentally sustained at her home.

The police reported that on Saturday, May 2, the woman was at home and two of her relatives got into a fight. She decided to intervene and got a chop wound on the left side of her head accidentally.

She was taken to the St Ann’s Bay Regional Hospital, but she was treated and then released. The police reported that she was readmitted to the hospital on May 8, 2020 and died.It is not clear as yet if her death was as a result of the chop wound she got in her head.

A resident in the community, lamented the tragedy a day after her death.
“It’s actually sad, based on everything. Today is Mother’s Day,” she said.
The family now waits on the result of the autopsy.

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