Mother Talks on Her 15yo Son’s Fatal Accident During PNP Motorcade “Mi see young baby deh pon politics bus, so dat coulda happen to anybody”

The grieving mother of the 15-year-old People’s National Party(PNP) supporter who fell off a bus during a motorcade in Portmore, St. Catherine on Sunday, February 18 has come forward to explain what took place and justify the reason for her son being a part of the political event.

As stated in initial reports, Lamar Grey was jumping from one bus to another during the motorcade when he fell and hit his head.

He was subsequently taken to the Spanish Town Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

A day after the fatal accident involving her son, Grey’s mother, Andrea via an audio recording gave an account of what took place.

Lamar Grey

As per Andrea, she was on a bus with her son during the festivities. She highlighted that he was on the bus window, she asked him to get off the window which he did, however, he and others went on another bus.

After Grey left the bus she was on, she heard of an accident of someone falling off a bus and she immediately thought of her son.

In the audio released by Radio Jamaica Online, Andrea states, “When di rest a dem a run off a di bus, him a run off… Suh him guh back pon di otha bus now and a suh mi hear dem a seh somebody drop off, and mi just know seh a him.” 

In reply to people saying her son should not have been in the campaign, given his age, the saddened mother declared that “young baby” was also on the bus during the motorcade.

“Mi see young baby deh pon politics bus, so dat coulda happen to anybody and a just life,’ she outlined.

The leader of the opposition, Mark Golding also sent condolences to the family of the victim.

In his message, Golding expressed sadness over the passing of the “very enthusiastic” young supporter of the party and highlighted that there will be other campaigns across the island, however, he urged others to be more careful while on the road campaigning.

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