Mr. Handsome Says He is Innocent of Sex Crime Conviction

Saturday, July 31, 2021, 4:42 PM GMT-5

The actor who is popularly known as Mr. Handsome or Girlie, whose given name is Lacell Parnell is haunted still by his conviction for multiple sexual offences that took place in the USA in 2009. The 51-year-old was found guilty of sexual abuse, forcibly touching and aggravated harassment. He was unsuccessful when he appealed the conviction.

Lacell who was later deported to Jamaica is now saying he was innocent when he was listed as a sex offender in the US.

To prove he is innocent, he revealed that he got a Visa to travel to the UK just after his return to Jamaica, and it would be impossible for that to happen if his record wasn’t clean.

He was charged because of his alleged conduct towards a 13-year-old boy, he had exhibited a sexually explicit video to the child and there was sexual contact according to the reports.

A video that was allegedly found on Parnell’s laptop was admitted into evidence, it depicted a male masturbating and performing acts of a sexual nature and the victim told the court that Lacell said he was the individual in the video.

Parnell said he was ridiculed after he returned to the island, but he had worked around many children and was not accused before.

He feels very violated but he believes he should not allow what people say, determine how he lives his life.

Watch as Mr. Vegas spoke not he matter below.

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