Mr. Vegas Defends Jaii Frais “Dem nuh have nuh problem with shaky people, a lie, a just selective outrage!” – Watch Video

Veteran deejay, Mr. Vegas took to social media to share his views on the current viral moment in dancehall involving popular podcaster Jaii Frais.

“The same people yuh see a cum afta yuh dem nuh inna Shenseea… si how quick them talk bout people nuffi come a yo show,” says Vegas as he expressed that he believes a lot of the backlash is a result of his interview with Shenseea.

Mr. Vegas went on to suggest that Jaii Frais is ‘getting a fight’ because he does not give out handouts or ‘buy guns for criminals’.

According to Mr. Vegas, “dem nuh have nuh problem wid nuh shakiness… all a who a talk bout them have problems with shakiness dem nuh believe weh dem a seh! trust me!” He then used foreigners to highlight his point, detailing that Jamaicans will take money from foreigners regardless of their sexuality.

“Dem nuh have nuh problem with shaky people a lie a just selective outrage because dem nuh wah yuh fi have dah success deh,” he then used Club Shay Shay to prove his point that after getting a viral interview people started attacking him online.

“Yuh a get rich too quick,” says Vegas with regards to Jaii Frais. He also talked about the hypocrisy in Jamaican men sharing a “splif” from one mouth to another.

Watch the live chat below:

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