Mr. Vegas Exposes Bounty Killer

Thursday, October 7, 2021, 9:19 PM GMT-5

The feud between Dancehall veteran artiste Mr Vegas and The “5 Star General” Bounty Killer is bound to heat up at this time, as the ‘Heads High’ singer came out and exposed some very controversial information about the “Killa”.

In this new set of controversies, Mr Vegas is once again calling the ‘Look Into My Eyes’ deejay a paedophile for getting a 15-year-old girl pregnant while he was 21 years old. To prove his point, the entertainer showed his fans a copy of a birth certificate for Bounty Killer’s child showing the age information and the Alliance deejay’s name as a parent.

See the birth paper below.

In a post by Mr Vegas some time ago, Bounty Killer made some comments that saw the singer popularly known as “Sube” chasing the Alliance boss of his page, whilst calling him “Pedo Boy”.

In the most recent video done by Mr Vegas, he spoke about the culture of Jamaica as facilitating paedophilia, and that his efforts are being made to speak out and break the cycle.

He went on in the video to speak that being older does not mean people change and neither does money nevertheless, “Sube” said that he knew something must be up, by the way, Bounty who he teased as the “big dawg” spoke in defence of his friend, saying that to make a hidden reference to the things “Killa” said that made people assume he is supporting Richie Stephens who has been accused recently of rape.

Mr Vegas went on to affectionately address the situation by stating that he would like to sit down and speak to the mother of the child, to find out what happened.

In the same video, Sube went on to say that the people are not going to bash Bounty Killer and other persons he referred to as predators but they are going to go at him instead, with the entertainer further stating that some of the persons involved in paedophile will use status and money to their influence to cover what they are doing.

To conclude his talks Mr Vegas said that no one is beyond reproach, not even him, and he also did so by stating that persons were already trying to dig stuff upon him, giving an instance where a woman accused him of raping her when she was 13, however, the entertainer stated that the woman was older than him and lying.

Will Bounty Killer respond to Mr Vegas? We will just need to wait and see how things turn out.

learn more from the video below.

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