Mr. Vegas says Marlon Samuels sold out west indies in match fixing allegations

[Sharingbuttons]In a what seems to be a brewing online dispute famous Jamaican Cricketer Marlon Samuels finds himself in more hot water this time with iconic Jamaican dancehall artiste Mr. Vegas. The 2 have taken to their instagram and facebook live pages to throw insults at each other, the last posts from Marlon involves his father has the 2 runs jokes about Mr. Vegas not being able to get a hit song and also critiques his christian ways, labeled as to be “in and out of church”.

Tonight Mr. vegas hits back with a statement saying that Marlon sold out west indies in past match fixing scandal, alluding that Marlon took money to make us lose. Mr. Vegas also in another video said that Marlons father did not grow him good.


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