Mr. Vegas Speaks on The Cindy Breakspeare and Rita Marley Saga “Bob Marley was a dawg”

Bob Marley’s extramarital affairs seem to be receiving more attention islandwide than his newly released biopic, Bob Marley: One Love. The subject of the Reggae legend’s relationship with Cindy Breakspeare has now garnered a response from Dancehall artiste Mr. Vegas.

Mr. Vegas went live on TikTok, expressing his happiness to see Jamaicans defending a black woman (Rita Marley) over a light-skinned beauty who previously won Miss World (Cindy Breakspear).

However, he believes that Cindy can freely post about her relationship with Bob Marley as much as she desires because, based on Rastafarian philosophy, Cindy was Bob Marley’s “wife.”

Mr. Vegas details that he researched Bob Marley’s past and discovered that Cindy was significant in Bob’s life and not a “likkle side piece.”

“Cindy wasn’t a likkle side piece, enuh, no sah. Cindy a did good good wife to enuh…As a matter a fact, Bob Marley mek sure seh him up front Cindy Breakspare enuh…Cindy get title, Cindy was wife. Well, maybe ceremony and dem ting deh neva gwan and ring neva put on, but Cindy was wife, even based on Rastafarian philosophy, how Rastafarian look at the empress dem, Cindy was wife,” he said.

Additionally, Mr. Vegas mentioned an old Bob Marley interview, noting that Bob told the interviewer that he was not married and did not believe in marriage. Mr. Vegas highlighted that the interviewer asked Bob about his wife, Rita Marley, but Bob referred to his marriage as a small “ting.”

The Bruk It Down artiste emphasised that Cindy should not be dragged online. Mr. Vegas also called Bob a “dawg,” a Jamaican term used to describe a womaniser.

“Bob Marley was a dawg…Bob Marley was an old lion, maybe a old liad to,” he said, noting that Bob Marley would have faced backlash for his lifestyle if he was alive today.

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