Munga Honorable And Fantan Mojah Speak Collaboration With Winford Williams Onstage

After hearing a one of a kind and masterful chorus from Munga Honorable, veteran Reggae artiste Fantan Mojah could not resist asking to be featured on the song the deejay was crafting entitled “Nobody Don’t Know”, due to its soul compelling qualities that tell a real tale of showing and expressing love to the ones around you while they are alive.

This is what Mojah expressed when he was asked the question by Onstage host Winford Williams about how the collaboration took place. He continued by letting it be known that he was at the studio, and was blown away when he heard what Munga was singing.


According to Honorable, who was present in the interview with the “Fire King”, by the time he completed the chorus section of the song he could see Fantan outside writing lyrics only to end up asking for a verse on the song which the ” Bad From Mi Born” artiste was happy to have granted.

Munga, who gave a melodic delivery of the chorus explained to Winford Williams that the inspiration for the song came while he was visiting an elder’s funeral, where he saw people in deep regrets after not sorting out issues with the deceased person before they were gone.

As such the entertainer was happy to take the opportunity to make a difference in his life, with Fantan Mojah sharing the same sentiments.

As it relates to the pandemic and how it affected the two entertainers,  both the “Stronger” artiste and Munga stated to Williams that the experience has been different in the sense that they have been focusing much more on the recording side of things, as well as production in which field the “Hilltop” artiste said he launched out a recording label and has been working non-stop with his engineers.

As for the songs, Fantan Mojah explained to the Onstage Host that a few of his tracks have been taking foot locally, as well as some of them internationally and so he seems not to be complaining, while for Munga he has expressed that he has been taking the whole thing as a learning process. 

Watch the full interview below

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