Murder Suspect Burned by Residents

Wednesday, March 14, 2018, 10:45 AM GMT-5

[Sharingbuttons]79 – year old Charles Patterson was murdered in the community of Crawl in St. Mary recently. The residence suspected that 55 – year old Winston Henry was the murderer, so they searched for him, tied him up and burned him to death; and then called the fire brigade to come for the rubble

 The residents knew of an ongoing dispute between the two farmers before the murder took place. The men were constantly arguing about the ownership of land.

On Friday night the residence heard loud explosions in the community and went to investigate. They found nothing, but on Sunday Mr. Patterson’s body was found at the front of his house, with what seemed to be gunshot wounds. They immediately went in search of Winston Henry.

However, since the murders happened, the police have launched a full investigation into the matter. It can never be good for people to assume that a person is a murderer because they were arguing with another person who is killed. The murder could be committed after a robbery took place, or for some other reason. Angry people in some Jamaican communities don’t think before they act it seems.

It is sad that 11 murders have been recorded in St. Mary since January 2018. We can only hope that this trend will not continue.

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