Murders in Jamaica UP by 3.8%

Friday, June 25, 2021, 8:43 AM GMT-5

Despite increased crime-fighting activities by the joint security forces, the latest police statistics shows that the murder rate continues to be ahead of the figures that were collected last year at this time.

The murder figures, made available by the (JCF) Jamaica Constabulary Force, for January 2021 to June 19, 2021 were 3.8% higher than the ones released at this time last year. It was at 638 last year but rose to 662 this year.

However, the Security Minister Dr. Horace Chang is confident that the plans the ministry made, if carried out correctly will lower the numbers. Since amendments were made to the anti-gang legislation recently, shootings fell from 589 to 577 and robberies fell from 500 to 426. He outlined that, “The security forces are targeting the leaders of these gangs, commonly referred to as the dons.”

The minister also said the Government had placed a priority on the resourcing of the island’s borders and there are targeted efforts geared towards getting the guns that are used to perpetrate the criminal acts and strengthen the gangs.

He gave this report during a debate in the Parliament. 

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