Musicians Who Are Known To Like Gambling

Although they might have a different status in life – and a bank account that is incredibly different to the ordinary person – there are a number of musicians that enjoy the same pastimes that we all like to enjoy occasionally.

Some may enjoy other musical performances, whilst others may have a favourite sports team that they like to follow as much as they can, however, there are a number of them who do like to dabble in gambling.

Indeed, whether you spot them at a physical casino or hear about them playing on an online platform like Casino777, there are a number of exceptional musical artists that like to play a game of blackjack, roulette, poker and many others.

Of course, at the end of the day, they are just normal human beings that like to enjoy the finer things in life like everybody else. However, who are some of the most famous singing superstars to have been known to enjoy what the thrill and rush a gambling game can provide them when it is being played?

Frank Sinatra

Perhaps one of the most famous musicians of all-time, and perhaps even one of the most famous to be known to like a gamble, Frank Sinatra is the first man on this list. The legendary crooner was known as “The Chairman of the Board” due to his fondness of games that involved high-stakes action.

Sinatra was known to enjoy poker, although the games thaat he did play were actually rather exclusive and hidden from the general public, as not much is actually known about how well he ever did. There is an assumption that he did typically well, though, as he managed to purchase the Cal Neva Lodge & Casino on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe! If anything else, it perhaps highlights just how much he enjoyed gambling.

Lady Gaga

Going from one extreme to the other in regards to the music industry, although not in stature, Lady Gaga is also known to be extremely fond of being involved within the gambling scene and enjoying a flutter.

The musician, who is also a successful actress these days, has been spotted frequently within the “Gambling Capital of the World” and was recently touring Las Vegas in October 2021. Let’s not forget, she does also have a track entitled “Poker Face”, which is also said to be her favourite game!

Lady Gaga is not in it for the money, though, as she has revealed that she enjoys the relaxation and the ability to unwind when playing after performing whilst also getting to know her team a little more.

Sean “Diddy” Combs

Sean “Diddy” Combs, otherwise known by any of the other following names of Puff Daddy, Diddy, P. Diddy, or Puffy, is known for his love of business ventures, although he should also be known for the passion he holds for gambling.

The rapper has been spotted in a number of different casinos all around the world on a number of occasions and is known to even enjoy a session whilst playing online casino games under a different name in order to keep his identity protected.

Blackjack is known to be a favourite game of his as he continues to play it whilst he is also said to bring his own blackjack table along with him on tour when he performs in various locations around the planet.

It is not just casino gambling, though, that Combs is known to enjoy, with the rapper also being a frequent sports bettor and placing wagers on his beloved NFL.

Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson

Another global superstar rapper that is known to enjoy playing a number of online casino games such as poker, as well as being an avid sports bettor, 50 Cent has been able to have some rather nice successes over the years.

It has been claimed that the rapper and actor has managed to win a reported $500,000 in a sports bet that he placed back in 2012 when he bet against the 49ers in the NFC Final against the NY Giants and saw it come in. He is, though, known for placing thousands on his bets when he makes them frequently.

50 Cent, though, does not appear to typically participate in betting activities for the money as he is also known for occasionally donating winnings to a number of charities instead.

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