Mutabaruka Talks Bob Marley’s “Intentions”, Being a Rebel and Not Just a Peacemaker – Watch Interview

Tuesday, February 13, 2024, 9:09 AM

In light of the soon-to-be-released Bob Marley: One Love biopic, Jamaican poet Mutabaruka wants the world to remember that the Reggae legend was not only a peacemaker but a rebel as well.

Marley is most fondly remembered for striving to unite the masses across the world with his music. The artiste’s message of unification and peace was the driving force behind his celebrated One Love Peace Concert in 1987.


The concert saw the leaders of Jamaica’s two political parties uniting onstage during a time of political turmoil in the country. Over the years, Marley’s song One Love has become the defining track of the reggae singer’s message of peace.

However, Marley was also an activist musician who used his music to push for political and social change. Notably, his single War proclaims that there will be turmoil if there is no equality or the liberation of Africans.


Speaking on I Never Knew Tv, Mutabarika expressed that the rebellious spirit encapsulated in Marley’s music must not be forgotten. The dub poet explained that Marley’s philosophy and opinions were shaped by Rastafarianism, and the artiste became an icon because of the militancy derived from the religion.

Mutabaruka expressed that if people lost focus on Marley’s militancy, they would forget about the varied messages delivered in his many songs other than One Love‘s unity. He further expressed that some wish to highlight only Marley’s message of peace to diminish the potency of the Rastafarian movement.

Reflecting on the impact of Marley’s legacy, Mutabaruka said that because of the cultural manifestation of the religion that he spread, people can now relate to Rastafarianism. The talk show host added that Marley and his biopic is helping Rasta to garner the respect that they deserve, regardless of whether they are liked or not.

Mutabaruka went on to state that Marley’s message of black enlightenment and the unification of Africa must be prioritised above his call for peace.

Watch the video below.

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