Mutabaruka Threatens Fantan Mojah with Law Suit

Tuesday, February 9, 2021, 2:12 PM GMT-5

Mutabaruka has now heard the statements thrown at him by Fantan Mojah and is not taking them lightly at all as he plans to take legal actions on the singjay if he does not publicly clarify or speak to the radio host, concerning the facts of his argument.

Baruka is calling the statements made by the “Fire King” as defamatory and is requesting for Fantan to tell him where he got his information about him having sex with only white woman, and which cutting edge program he heard him speak about Cindy Brakespare and Bob Marley.


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According to Muta, the statements are not only defamatory to him but also Cindy, and he will need to prove that what he said is definite facts or Fantan will need to speak to his lawyer.

Mojah took offence recently from the poet/radio man’s recent critique of his music video, for his latest track entitled “Fire King” which was filled with half-naked women wining up on the artiste.

According to Muta, a real Rastaman would not do what Fantan do in the music video, but the entertainer was not pleased with those words and launched a violent verbal attack on Muta who now has responded to the artiste, threatening him with legal woes.

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