Nah Change Ent Goes Viral With 2mil Race Challenge

Tuesday, May 21, 2024, 10:05 AM

Label manager Danvoy Foster aka Danelle Foster of Nah Change Entertainment has caused some uproar on social media locally after calling BMW and Benz owners. According to the outspoken music maker, those cars are not real “beasts”, instead he suggests that his red Lexus Sports car is faster than all those so-called beasts in Jamaica.

Nah Change Ent Boss while talking to Yardhype stated, “As soon as the video dropped on social media, it had everyone talking, now the internet is comparing which car is the fastest from BENZ, BMW, LEXUS to PROBOX.” He went on to explain that he is putting up two million(2,000,000) JMD as a bet to anyone who wants to race his beast.


As a result of his bold claims, many persons on the island including car enthusiast Nicklue reportedly have agreed to race Foster to prove him wrong. Foster’s viral video went viral shortly after it was shared online by multiple popular Jamaican social media pages including Questimes and Main Danger.

This latest move has thrust the young entrepreneur into the spotlight and he’s making the most of the increased recognition, using his platform to promote his other endeavours. Notably, he recently opened a new shoe and clothing store amidst his short break from music.

The store is located at Shop 12, Hung Way Mall in Portmore, Jamaica.

Despite his recent store opening, Foster is currently focused on shutting up his naysayers and those who are doubting his beast. “Now it’s Nah Change against the world as everyone in Jamaica 🇯🇲 wants a race with the boss,” he outlined.

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So far, a race has been planned for this coming Sunday, May 26 at Vernam Field in Clarendon where Nah Change Entertainment is expected to race against Nicklue and or any other competent competitor.

Amidst the controversy, Foster shared the screenshot below, highlighting that both BMW and BENZ are used less by celebs when compared to Lexus.

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