Nesbeth ‘Rushed’ Online by Sir P Supporters – Video

Reggae and Dancehall artiste Nesbeth is crying foul amidst the backlash he has been getting from the supporters of Sir P after calling out the popular vlogger a month ago. On April 9, Nesbeth initially sent a special message to the YouTube channel called Politricks Watch, which is run by Sir P.

Nesbeth, in his 18-minute and 53 seconds long video, outlined that he is a listener of the channel, however, he’s being turned off by the notion that the ‘gun man’ is worse than the politicians in Jamaica, he also pointed out that the Youtube channel should highlight more of the politicians’ “dirty laundry”.


See some of the reactions to his initial video below:

Following up on his initial message, Nesbeth published his latest video on May 10, in which he talks his mind regarding the many criticisms he has been getting on the heels of his initial video. The new video from the Kingston entertainer is titled, ‘Sir P, PIA RUSH Nesbeth, Nesbeth CLARIFIES’ and is notably longer than the first video.

Politricks Watch, SIR. P

According to Nesbeth, the last time he got so much disrespect online was when he lashed out about Vybz Kartel winning song of the year with ‘Fever’ over his ‘My Dream’ song in the Youth View Awards. He pointed out that Kartel’s “Cult following” made a big thing out of his speech and disrespected him in many ways.

In response to Nesbeth’s new video, one person commented, “Nesbeth you can shade the light on the politicians to,” while another said, “Politicians will always be the route of any countries downfall.”

Watch as Nesbeth explains himself in his latest upload below:

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