SIR. P of Politricks Watch Says Everyone Got Tricked

June 29, 2020 7:53 PM

Popular youtube vlogger Sir P. from the controversial Politricks watch channel has now made a video announcing he was not leaving youtube and the previous video he made was just a trap. He however reported that the attempts at hacking his social media platform were real.

In letting his subscribers know that his social media accounts are very secure he let them know that any attempts at hacking would not result in them getting any real information, He further made it known that the people working ‘against the interest of Jamaica were now evident. In counteraction to he claims as popular opinion, he does not have to depend on an artist he refers to as “Worl Snitch” to get views. He further called the artiste a criminal in proving his point.


In his video announcing that he used the video as a trap, he mentioned that the pictures going around are not real as well as he professed his disbelief that they cracked his voice by an onscreen demonstration.

In further making his point that everyone was tricked Sir P. bashed other vloggers for taking the side of the popular entertainer as well as claiming that the artiste career is falling off as is reflected by his youtube numbers.

Sir. P closed off the video by attacking the popular dancehall artiste he refers to as “Worl Snitch”’s intelligence, clearing up the previous information he released as well as making it known to his subscribers when a very important video will be dropping.

He made it known that by any means necessary he will continue to make his videos.


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