Newborn Baby Found In Backyard – Video

Thursday, August 5, 2021, 3:20 PM GMT-5

It is just a few months since a baby was found disposed of in bushes in Jamaica, and to many people’s surprise, the same event has replayed itself again as another baby was found lying in the open in a backyard.

Luckily, for the child that was seen out in the open, a nurse came to assist and eventually ended up feeding the baby.

Based on the looks of the situation, the baby appears to have been born just recently, with some of the person’s caught on the video posted by @tell_u_tv assuming that the birth took place earlier in the morning.

When the child was found, it still had the umbilical cord attached without bleeding which according to the nurse that was feeding the baby, means that the infant was in good condition.

The location that the incident took place has not been identified, and neither has a mother for the child located.

Watch the viral video below.

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