Neymar and Salah injured… May miss rest of World Cup 2018

June 20, 2018 8:55 PM

[Sharingbuttons]2018 World Cup started 6 days ago and it has been good the football matches have been excellent most of the time. Mohammed Salah is currently unfit and the pressure was on and he was not as good as he was before, so Egypt is in trouble, he had a shoulder injury, and he was not able to play good enough in their last match.

Salah’s team needed him to be fully involved in the match when he played, but he was staying out on the fringes, as if he couldn’t manage to play as well as he did before.


Neymar walked out with the teams Doctor and he didn’t look happy as he left the pitch limping. He had a hard time when he played against Switzerland he was targeted and fowled a lot.

However, it is possible that he might play against Costa Rica later on in the tournament. Brazil might be in trouble if Neymar can’t play because of his injuries.


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