Nicki Minaj’s Brother Found Guilty In Child Rape case & Faces Up To Life In Prison

Jurors on Thursday convicted rapper Nicki Minaj’s brother of sexually assaulting his former stepdaughter in a Baldwin home, after a monthlong trial in which the defense claimed the allegations were invented to try to extort $25 million from the man’s famous sister.

According to US media reports, Jelani Maraj, 38, of Baldwin, now faces up to life in prison following his convictions in Nassau County Court on predatory sexual assault on a child and endangering the welfare of a child.

Court officers reportedly took Maraj, who had been free on bond and showed no emotion after the verdict, into custody after state Supreme Court Justice Robert McDonald ordered him held without bail in Nassau County’s jail.

Prosecutors had told jurors Maraj began abusing the victim when she was 11, raping her repeatedly between April and November 2015 while her mother was at work.

Nicki Minaj clowns Meek Mill after prison sentence “Don’t Drop The Soap”

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Taseva Ellis

A pussy him couldn’t get suh shoulda guh buy than fi rape

Carline Ladyann

See Nicki God don’t like ugly what was your advise to Meek Mills again?

Raxine White

Now a days most a dem ting yah is sum woman want a big money n di only way is to lie or say they get sum disease from the man mi naw sey him do it or him don’t am jus saying is not everything we see on social media wi fi run with or judge ppl

Demor Beezer

Karma is a bitch!!!?!?!!

Sandra Vanstone

Castration is the answer! !!!!!!! Pure evil