Nigy Boy Says He’s Attracted To “Pretty Voice” Girls

Saturday, June 22, 2024, 5:58 PM GMT-5

Continent Boss, Nigy Boy is a lover of females who have a nice “pretty voice” because he’s unable to see females who are visually attractive. However, he outlined that sometimes he’s fooled too by the ‘pretty voice’ at times just like how some women fool men with pretty makeup.

In his latest interview, 2024 breakout Dancehall artiste Nigy Boy whose real name is Nigel Hector talked about his musical influences, education, family, dealing with women and more with The Fix.

After talking about being inspired by most genres of music and artistes such as Micheal Jackson, Chris Brown, Rihanna and more, he detailed his love for the female genre. “Nigy yo love pumps doh?” he was asked, to which he humorously replied, “gone to bed”.

Last week, Nigy Boy and Sandra Rose shared photos online sparking reactions.

See some of the reactions below:


At one point in the jovial interview, Nigy Boy talked about using the notion that he can’t see, he uses it as a ploy at times to get close to females, telling them he can’t see so they should feel guilty if they let him have a touch or in the event he ‘get a piece’.

“Long before continent me have woman a drive thirty-mile fi mi,” he states before declaring that he was always confident and never shy when it comes to girls. Throughout the interview, he compliments the females in the studio leading to the response, “That’s why Nigy get girls.. i can see why he can get it” from one of the females.

Watch the interview below:


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