Ninja Man Verdict Expected Today

Dancehall entertainer Ninja Man along with his co-accused could learn their faith today.

Attorneys representing dancehall veteran Ninjaman and his three co-accused completed arguments in the Home Circuit Court on Wednesday (Nov 15).

The lawyers called on the jury to set their clients free, citing discrepancies in the statements from the witnesses for the crown.

However, the crown has called on the jury to convict the three men based on the evidence presented.

Justice Martin Gayle has already started his summation of the case and has reportedly indicated that he intends to turn over the matter to the jury today.

Ninjaman along with his son Jameil as well as Dennis Clayton, are charged with the murder of Ricardo Johnson also called ‘Trooper’ who was killed in March 2009.

They were also charged with shooting with intent.

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Cheri Leslie

He can go to prison an change a lot of lives in there for good

Suave Gyol Opii

Pray fi him please

Craig King

Don’t worry ninja the Lord is by your side

Victoria Nelson

Love yuh but yuh guilty them say

Pretty Pebblez

God a god