Ninja Man’s Attorney Says His ‘Condition Is Serious’

[Sharingbuttons]Veteran deejay Ninja Man murder trial is expected to continue today, however, the deejay may not be present given his current medical condition.

According to a Loop news report, Ninja Man spent the weekend running a battery of tests to determine the cause of his chest pains and breathing difficulties which led to him being rushed to the hospital during his trial last Friday.


“Ninjaman is still in a medical facility in Kingston. On Friday, he was transported to a private doctor who examined him and recommended that he be admitted to a medical facility for some tests to be conducted. He was never admitted to the KPH because two officers for the court were with him and could not be expected to spend several hours at KPH so he went to a private doctor instead. Ninjaman’s condition is serious,” Valerie Neita-Robertson, Ninjaman’s attorney, told Loop.

Ninjaman, along with his son Jahneil, is charged with the March 2009 murder of Ricardo Johnson on Marl Road in Kingston. He was granted bail in 2012.


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