Ninjaman Tells Shabba to “Stop wid di badmind thing!” in Resurfaced Video

Veteran deejay Ninjaman took aim Rexton Rawlston Fernando Gordon OD more commonly known as Shabba Ranks via a video several years ago, stating that the Seaview deejay has been ungrateful since his big break. Ninjaman also said that Shabba does not help any of his fellow Seaview artistes such as Bounty Killer, Elephant Man, General B etc.

In light of the new Shabba Interview in which he seemingly shaded Bounty Killer, Ninjaman’s old video has resurfaced.


According to Desmond John Ballentine aka Ninjaman, he’s the one who helped Shabba to win a Grammy, hence he should stop being “ungrateful”, he went on to outline that he “love” Shabba as his number one deejay but he does not like his ways.


“A me buss yo inna di world.. Shabba a di first artiste weh mi buss,” he said before declaring that he also helped Bounty Killer, Spice, Mad Cobra etc in Dancehall.

“Man love yo and yuh fi cut out the f**kery… Stop wid di badmind thing!… don’t dash weh yo stick before yo cross the wata… Shabba Ranking yuh fi stop dah f**kery yah weh yuh a kip up, nuh body nuh hate yuh a yuh hate yo self,” he stated

Ninja went on to talk about ‘corruption’ and asked Shabba which artiste he “par wid” from Seaview Gardens.

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Before the video ended, Ninjaman asserted that Shabba Ranks ran away from Jamaica because he did not want to give people things and be kind to them. “Yuh nuh love wi!… yuh too bloodcxxt corrupted,” he shouted at one point.

Watch the video below:

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