Nklyne and Brother Reacts To Mother’s Death – Video

Sunday, November 7, 2021, 10:26 PM GMT-5

As reported a day ago, popular Jamaican YouTuber turn dancehall artiste Nklyne’s mother, Lorna Lake was kidnapped Friday night in Newport, Manchester and hours later her body was found. On Sunday Nklyne and brother Vinch posted content online in reaction to the tragic passing of their beloved mother.

Nklyne reacted via an Instagram post, hours ago, saying “FUCK THE MEDIA” as shown below.

On the other hand, brother Vinch was more detailed about the matter and decided to post a video to his youtube channel. Vinch who got emotional at times in the video outlines that he regrets the way his mother died, with her naked picture being posted all over the internet.

Watch Vinch in the video below.


As reported earlier, the popular Youtubers mother was a 54-year-old farmer from the Blenheim district located in Newport. Images surfaced online of their mother, having no clothes on and badly beaten.

According to her common-law husband who survived the attack, the couple was at home on Friday evening when a man kicked off the door to their one-bedroom dwelling, tied them up and demanded money, after the money he requested was not given, the attacker brought the couple outside into bushes where the common-law husband was beaten and pretended to be dead.

Lorna was reportedly then taken to another area in the bushes where she was raped and killed.

The common-law-husband managed to get back to the house and called the police minutes after 9 PM on Friday night. The police appeared on the scene after the call, moments later Nklyne went live on IG to break the news, however, there was no report of her death at the time.

The police later found the lifeless body of Lorna Lake in the bushes, took her to the hospital where she was pronounced dead.

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