Nklyne’s Mother Got Abducted in Manchester – Video

Saturday, November 6, 2021, 12:10 AM GMT-5

Popular Jamaican Yotuber and dancehall artiste Nklyne took to live minutes after 9 PM on Friday to tell his supporters about the sad news that his mother was abducted from her home in Newport, Manchester. According to Nklyne, his mother was at home with her boyfriend when men broke in, assaulted the boyfriend leaving him unconscious and took his mother.

While giving details on live, persons asked whether or not it was a prank knowing that the young couple(Nickii vs Klyne) does a lot of pranks on youtube, however, Nklyne was quick to dismiss those claims by viewers.

Some fans questioned why was Nklyne online and so calm about the matter, he replied to those questions explaining that Police have visited the scene and he’s going public online because he is in Kingston, unable to be on the ground searching like his brother “Twi” is doing in the parish.

“Mi jus ask seh who have mi mother can return her safely yo zeet big man ting,” asked Nklyne.

No motive has been stated for the abduction.

Check out Nklyne’s chat about his mother’s disappearance below.

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