Noel Maitland Enlists The Assistance of Prominent Attorney, Christopher Townsend In Donaldson Case

The Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) as reported by the Jamaica Observer, has called upon Noel Maitland (Police Constable and Music Producer), boyfriend of Missing Social Media Influencer and 876 Roommates former host Donna-Lee Donaldson for a question and answer session scheduled to commence next month.

Distinguished Attorney Christopher Townsend’s services have been reserved by Maitland in preparation for the Q&A and Townsend has confirmed that he will be interviewed on August 3rd, 2022. Maitland received a summons from INDECOM as a part of a “special investigation” in order to determine if any member of the force has infringed on the law.


Donaldson was reported missing by her mother, Sophia Lugg on Wednesday, July 13 after she was unable to contact her. Lugg received a call from Maitland saying that they had a disagreement and she left with an unknown individual in a car. Previous reports had stated that Donaldson had left the house after 11 AM on Tuesday which conflicted with a statement by Lugg who said that a conversation with Donaldson’s father points to her leaving Maitland’s apartment sometime after 4 PM.

A female Constable, “Kathy” Smith was also implicated in the disappearance of Donaldson after neighbours at the apartment stated that they heard the voices of women arguing and it was previously reported that Smith and Donaldson have had both verbal and physical confrontations as Maitland was involved with both women at the same time and even has a child with Smith.

The personal Vehicles of Smith and Maitland have been processed and a second sweep for evidence at Maitland’s apartment was done. Townsend declared that it is being allowed because they want to ensure they are helping in any way that will propel the investigation forward and lead to Donaldson being found.

Attorney Townsend disclosed that two eyewitnesses attested to seeing Donaldson leave Maitland’s apartment a day after he said he last saw her on July 12. According to the Observer, Townsend commented that he does not support how the investigation is being run because it seems that his client and Constable Smith are the only ones being investigated and that whoever is responsible for the disappearance of Donaldson must be looking on with glee.

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