North West Pranks Kim Kardashian with Shaved Eyebrows – Watch Video

December 20, 2022

North West, the eldest daughter of popular star Kim Kardashian, pranked her mother on the two’s joint TikTok account. Toofab posted an article, giving the details of how the 9-year-old took to the social media account, recording the scheme she had carefully planned to trick her mother.

They stated that the short recording showed the child carrying a razor to her slumbering mother’s bedroom. She slightly slid the facial hair remover over Kim’s eyebrows without actually cutting any of them. Without a moment’s notice, she vigorously shook her mother awake while shouting for her to wake up.


Before Kim could collect her thoughts, the nine-year-old turned on a filter that narrowed her eyebrows, tricking her mother into thinking that her eyebrows had been shaved. The startled Kim Kardashian could do nothing but shout, “North, this is not funny!” North then laughed and told her mother that it was only a filter.

Toofab also reported that the mother and daughter were very active on their joint TikTok account, doing makeup transformations, among other things.

Watch the video below.


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