NYC Couple Suing Korean Restaurant After Finding Dead Rat In Food – Watch Video

Ratatouille may have been a good animated film; however, finding a rodent in your food is not something anyone wishes to see, but that may have been the case for a New York City couple. The couple claimed to have purchased soup from a restaurant called Gammeeok and found a dead rat in it.

In addition, after finding the dead rodent, Jason and Eunice Lucero Lee are suing the restaurant, which is located in Koreatown, Manhattan. According to the report, on receiving the delivered meal, the couple began eating, and after they were ways into the meal, they discovered what they determined to be a dead rodent.

Jason and Eunice also stated that they became extremely sick because of the tainted food, which they described as completely nauseating. Furthermore, they expressed that they began to throw up intensely and had to seek medical treatment because of the situation. The couple is protesting that the incident has left them with significant and long-lasting physical damage as well as emotional trauma.

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The Lees are contending in their lawsuit that they were unaware that Gammeeok had received the lowest letter rating, a C, from the NYC Health Department in January when they placed their purchase. In an effort to get money, the couple is trying to be compensated for the troubles the establishment has caused them.

The news tried to get a comment from the Gammeeok, but it proved to be futile.

Watch the viral video below:

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