Obama Talks with Netflix about Programming

[Sharingbuttons]Mr. and Mrs. Obama have always believed in the power of storytelling, to inspire others. This was an observation made by one of the president’s senior advisers, Mr. Eric Schultz.

As they make plans for their future it seems as though they will be helping people to tell and share their stories. Mr. Obama might moderate conversations on a show and talk about the topics such as immigration, foreign policy, healthcare and other topics, that were popular during his presidency. He has been concerned about the wrong information that has circulated and has caused people to make bad decisions.


Michelle Obama would have conversations about nutrition and other topics that will align with her beliefs and values. They could endorse special programming on Netflix.

Mr. Obama who was the American President for 2 terms might decide to continue to be occupied with the nation’s civic affairs. Even though he and his wife have maintained a low profile since they left the White House. It is alleged that they have been paid $60 million for their memoirs that could be coming out soon.
Persons who know about the Netflix talks are saying executives from Apple and Amazon are interested in talking to Mr. Obama about content deals.

Mr. Obama has been paid thousands of dollars for giving speeches in many places recently. The former president has maintained a low profile since leaving office. Even though he is still interested in the information that is delivered to the public and how it shapes opinions. He has discussed with wealthy investors and technology executives the threats to the American democracy because of the manipulation of news

Barack Obama believes that there are a lot of people are ignoring facts as reporters seem to put out only what is sensational. Added to that, a lot of false news has been spread by people on Social Media and this led to the very divisive way in which the last election was conducted.

Netflix has been searching for new and totally original content and securing a deal with the Obamas could be done in the near future.



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