Oney British’s Widow Fears for Her Life as Disputes Continue Over His Assets – Video

Following his death in 2019, the widow of Dancehall personality Oney British, Coralee Osborne, has shared that she fears for her life as disputes continue regarding the distribution of her husband’s assets. Oney was killed in March 2019 after leaving Champs at the National Stadium in Kingston. 

He was fatally shot while driving along Mountain View Avenue after his vehicle was approached by men on a motorcycle. Oney, who was reportedly a member of the Famous Dancehall British Linkup team, appears to have passed away without leaving a will, as the distribution of his assets, such as property, has been a source of dispute between his family and friends since his death.


On Monday, Coralee, Oney’s common-law spouse, expressed in an Instagram livestream that she had reached her limits and said she was tired of the threats being made against her life. The live stream, which she captioned “If I die or turn up missing this is the reason!” detailed the alleged animosity that Oney’s children and his friend Carlton have been showing her since his passing.

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Oney British
Oney British

According to Coralee, who shares a daughter with Oney, after he died, his children claimed in court that they had been separated since 2013. They also reportedly said that she was only one of several partners that their father had.

In order to prove that she was his surviving spouse, Coralee said she reached out to Carlton to write a letter verifying her relationship with Oney, but he refused. After she was eventually declared Oney’s surviving spouse, Coralee said Carlton, also known as ‘Tun Tun’, tried to seek her help to acquire a property he said Oney left for him.

“Him show up a mi house, him bawl, him sen how many people to mi. But what Tun Tun fail to keep telling these f**king people is that when I ask him to help me he did not want to help me. He did not want to help me. He said he’s not involved,” Coralee stated.

She went on to share that, despite not harbouring bad feelings for Carlton after he refused to help her, he has allegedly been threatening her life since she chose to do the same.

“Now mi hear seh Tun Tun a talk bout how mi fi dead because mi want him house [ … ] I don’t want your house. I’ve never gone to a court case, and I’ve never said to the lawyer the house is not his. I don’t know you and Oney’s business [ … ] and you wanted me to tell a f**king lie, and I cannot tell a lie for you. I’m not going to tell a lie for you, caw you couldn’t tell the truth for me,” Coralee stated.

Coralee urged Carlton to stop telling people that he is going to kill her and tell them the truth that he had initially refused to assist her in her time of need. Coralee further stated that she was informed that Carlton now has plans to send hitmen to kill her.

Watch Coralee sharing her story below.

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