Over 60 Guns Plus Hundreds of Ammo Seized on Friday at Kingston Wharves

On Friday, in a joint operation between the Jamaica Constabulary Force’s Counter-Terrorism and Organised Crime Branch (C-TOC) and the @jamaicacustomsagency (JCA), law enforcement authorities successfully seized 64 illegal weapons in Kingston, Jamaica.

The big bust took place at Kingston Wharves which is the Caribbean’s leading multipurpose port terminal and logistics provider.

The report details that the weapons were found in a container which was shipped from the US.

The weapons, which are said to be Glocks and Smith and Wesson arrived on the island disassembled.

Following the discovery, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Fitz Bailey appealed to Jamaicans in the diaspora to desist from contributing to violence in their homeland through the trafficking of weapons.


The JCF confirmed the news Friday night and issued a lengthy statement about the find.

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