Pamputtae Tells MC Nuffy To “Stop Call Up Her Name”

Dancehall artiste Pamputtae went on her Instagram live to address the recent saga between MC Nuffy and Spice.

Clearly upset in the video, Pamputtae repeatedly told MC Nuffy that she does not want the drama and requested that he stop “calling up” her name in the mix. She further went on to tell him that as a man, he should know how to “hold yuh own” and stop demanding respect from someone who does not acknowledge him.

She stated that MC Nuffy must learn to accept life for what it is because he and Spice are not friends, therefore, the respect that he is demanding from her is completely unnecessary. She then told him that if he would just look at life differently, nothing that Spice does would bother him.

Pamputtae further added that as it relates to her music career, MC Nuffy should stop telling Spice to help her because she is a talented deejay and performer, who has hit songs and upcoming projects in the making.

“Leave the woman, she ano God” said Pamputtae in reference to the help that MC Nuffy says that Spice should give her. She further stated “mi no like yuh style, u need fi leave me alone to, leave me outta d argument, don’t call me name”.

The “Single Mother” artiste then advised that if there are concerns regarding her music career, she would recommend that persons tell their friends about her so that she can book shows and also subscribe to her official Vevo channel.

“Me a accept life for what it is, is not everybody weh start the journey with u ago end wid u” said Pamputtae.

Pamputtae’s video is posted below:

Recently, MC Nuffy posted a video accusing Spice and Bounty Killer of being ungrateful as they refused to give him the “credit” he deserves. He stated that he is the one responsible for building Spice’s career to where it is today, yet, she only acknowledges Bounty Killer.

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