Pastor Dies In Attempt To Fast Like Jesus

Friday, February 17, 2023, 11:13 AM

A thirty-nine-year-old pastor from Mozambique has died after trying to replicate forty days of fasting said to be done by Jesus in the Bible.

According to BBC news, Francisco Barajah endured twenty-five days without water and food, which caused him to lose a vast amount of weight. His body became so weak that he couldn’t stand on his own.


The lack of food and water eventually led to him being taken to the hospital after family members and friends observed his deplorable condition. Upon his arrival at the hospital and various tests concluded, doctors revealed that his digestive organs had stopped working, and he was diagnosed with acute anaemia.

Efforts to rehydrate and refuel his body were too late, as the pastor/French teacher passed away on Wednesday, February 15th.

According to his church members, fasting was a regular practice for Barajah. However, on this occasion, he kept it longer than usual.

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Francisco was the founder of the Santa Trindade Church in Mozambique. He was also a French teacher who taught in the central province of Manica, in a town called Messica, which borders Zimbabwe.

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