Peanut Dread Surprised By “Radam” Phenomena, Talks About His Rough Life In Interview On Onstage TV – Watch Video

Sunday, October 9, 2022, 2:01 PM

Rising social media sensation, Peanut Dread who rose to fame from the use of the catchphrase, ‘Radam‘, was featured on an episode of Onstage TV with host, Winford Williams. During this session, he spoke about his career, the creativity behind the slang, his earlier life and the way forward.

According to Peanut Dread, he does not recall the moment when he first used the phrase, however, it came as a surprise when he saw persons gravitating to the expression. He stated that he realized that people find humour in bad situations, which was strange because he thought it was when for example, “people win money people laugh”.


But, taking it to his advantage, he followed the trend and if a “car crash, radam, bike crash, radam, bicycle crash, radam.”

Known for his storytelling on social media also, the social media personality gave a synopsis of his life’s journey and overcoming certain obstacles before reaping the benefits. In the end, another catchphrase, “Weh sweet yuh, gwaan sour yuh, radam,” he says is a perfect explanation for this.

Peanut Dread stated that he has followers from all over the world, such as in the US, England and Canada. He divulged that persons on the verge of committing illegal acts have contacted him and thanked him for saving their life through his lessons and posts on social media.

Touching on the topic of education, he stated that, “experience teaches wisdom.” He explained that he has been victimized as a result of this, however, asserted that the uneducated may express themself less eloquently compared, but should not be ridiculed.

Born and raised in the community of Blackwood in Clarendon, Peanut Dread’s real name is Osbourne Ellis. He divulged that growing up, he did not know his mother as she was taken by England in either the 50s or 60s to work where she eventually died. Because of this, he was raised by his father’s sister and maintained that he had a hard life growing up, one that he even compared to slavery.

With the interview coming to an end, he stated that he is willing to leave Jamaica for a better opportunity as he is currently building a house. He also stated that he would appreciate any help as prior, other persons were benefiting from money earned on YouTube from his videos.

Watch the full Onstage interview with the Peanut Dread below:

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