Penetration Testing as a Prominent Technique

Sunday, October 24, 2021, 9:58 AM

Mobile application penetration testing is an outstanding technique that entered the world of application development a long time ago. Large corporations, international organizations, owners of small companies, and start-upers have already understood the importance of the process. They make use of mobile application penetration testing on a regular basis and gain considerable profits.

One of the most crucial points is the necessity to choose a highly qualified team of experts to get reliable results. Hacken offers the service mmprovided by leading professionals in the sphere of application development. Visit the page and explore the given information in more detail:


The company implements an individual approach to every application, therefore it comes up with reliable results. Not only individualization contributes to the credibility of received information, but the 4-step process takes part as well. 

The Special Methodology from Hacken

Mobile application penetration testing is a complicated process that takes time and effort. That’s why to make it more effective and sustainable Hacken developed the 4-stage procedure. Preparation. This first step involves gathering necessary information connected with the tested application. It may include Open-Source Intelligence, the architecture of the application, client and server-side scenarios.

The initial stage allows identifying the app type, its main characteristics and features, and determining the appropriate testing model.Evaluation. The second stage focuses on identifying the differences and changes in data before and after app installation. Multiple analyses take place during this stage to provide a full vivid picture of a certain application.Exploitation.

The real process of testing starts at the third stage. Hacken experienced application engineer exploits the vulnerabilities revealed in the previous stages. The application is attacked by a sophisticated hacker to get confidential information or any other important data.Reporting. The last stage represents the output of the performed actions. The experts make a detailed report of identified flaws and the efficient methods of their fixing. Mobile application penetration testing is the technology that upholds the reputation of profitability, reliability, and high demand.

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