Friday, March 8, 2019, 6:15 PM GMT-5

The new instagram sensation Ladasha Francis AKA Mackerel and the ‘tek people man’ vlogger, is defending her stance about ‘tekking people man’.

Mackerel told sources that she has no significant other at the moment and is content because other people’s men are just fine with her.

She said while some men bash her for her honesty, people must acknowledge that their significant other may be cheating on them with someone else. And in some instances, some women are doing the same thing and playing the hypocrite role, she made it clear she has nothing to hide.

“People man caa stop tek because at the end of the day, mi enjoy people man. Mi nuh have nuh responsibilities when Mi a tek a gyal man. Yuh nuh affi wash, cook or clean, mi just do way me fi do n collect,” she said.

Since her video went viral on Instagram, Francis said that there have been negative comments, but she is still unfazed.

“This is me and who i am, me see people bash top entertainers too. When I read the comments mi hear people seh mi fava cockroach, spray the baygon. Yuh seh mi a cockroach but mi just a give the people what they want.” She said.

The 18 year old teen went on to state that her gimmicks and outrageous videos are just a stepping stone for her to pursue her real dream of becoming a comedian.

Francis, who is a pass student of the HEART Academy in Stony Hill, St Andrew, said her now well-known name ‘Mackerel’ originated from her days at school. She said that as far back as she can remember she always loved to make people laugh and went on to say that she’s always dreaming of becoming a comedian actress, she plans to go for professional training at the Edna Manley School of the visual and Performing Arts.

“I’m the type of person who likes to make people around me laugh, and you know just have a good time, once yuh dey round me yuh cah boring a just me that love mi or hate mi” she said.

Since her big break on Instagram last February, she has clocked in more than 20,000 followers in one day.

She said that she will use this fame to get recognition and hopefully get a chance at schooling at Edna Manley.

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