Persons Give Account of What Happened at Oberlin High When The Students Collapsed – Watch Videos

Wednesday, October 26, 2022, 11:36 PM GMT-5

After students collapsed at Oberlin High this morning during devotion and classes had to be dismissed, several videos and audio have since surfaced, providing additional insight into what happened at the school. Acting Principal Antoinette Gray also shared her belief that what happened with the students was something spiritual. Gray explained that the incident occurred after one of the teachers indicated that she had “a Word” for the pupils. According to the principal, the students were overpowered by the anointing, lost control of themselves, and some fainted.

In the first audio, a staff member from the school sent out a message to parents and teachers requesting prayers for the children who fainted. The person explained that the devotion was “groundbreaking,” and there were demons at the institution that started “manifesting themselves to the students.”


“Students dropping like flies started convulsing…I mean, the demons were literally speaking to us,” she said, adding that only prayer could help them.

Listen to the audio of the staff member speaking below.

In the second audio, a female student from the institution explains what she saw. In her version of the events, the teacher was praying, and a female prefect went up to share a message she received from God. The prefect began speaking in tongues, which was when children started fainting.

“When dem drop dung everybody a scream… some a shout out ‘Lucifer’…some a spit…some a dem a cry seh him a come, him a come… the prefect weh did a speak a seh one wolf inna di school and she can see it,” she continued. She recalled that the students were taken to the nurse and carried inside. She subsequently went to the bathroom with her friend out of fear. She said that a friend of hers who was involved told her to repent. According to the student, the teachers wanted the children to return to the classrooms, but everyone was afraid and started calling their parents. The student explained that she saw a girl screaming who looked “possess.”

Listen to the audio of the student speaking below.

A TikTok video shows many students standing inside the school gate waiting to leave. Guardians were also shown gathering outside the gate and some escorting their children away. One man carried a girl in his arms as she was apparently unconscious. As the clip continued, all students were allowed to leave the compound. The caption alleges that 250 students fainted at the school, but the number of students who collapsed was not formally confirmed.

Watch the video of the students waiting at the gate below.

In a second video, a woman gave her account of what she experienced with a student from the school. Speaking to the Jamaica Observer, Icilyn Black explained that she became aware of the collapsing students while she was heading to the Greater Workers Apostolic House of Praise for a fasting service. At church, she and her fellow attendees prayed for the safety of the students.

“When we about to close the fasting service, a young man came down and said to the pastor while I was on the floor somebody need prayer, we didn’t know who it was,” she said. She continued by saying that the person who requested prayer was a female student who looked “fierce” and acted “in a manner that is not of herself.” The Christian woman stated that “the power of God moved” inside the church as the student made her way down the steps.

She added that God told her to do something, and she followed the instructions she was given twice, which made the child fall to the floor on her back. In the middle of giving her report, the woman started speaking in tongues. When she was calm again, she continued by telling the reporters that there were others praying over the student while she was on the floor, and “a voice” instructed her to advise them to put olive oil in the child’s mouth, but the girl would not open her mouth.

Watch the interview with the woman below.

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